City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Gold/Blue 2001 Toyota Celsior

The President is the chairman and host of the Noise City Football Regulation, he stands alongside with Inamo the Red Team's Football Captain. He revealed that Inamo's team had a problem and had a feeling that they're going down, he congratulates you for helping Inamo's team out and recommends you to play anytime again.


  • Ehem! This is the RT Cup Soccer Association. And I am the Chairman. We usually accept team rosters, but Inamo's team was the last one.
  • Inamo: Woohoo!! Yes! Yes!! Our team is going to participate for the first time! Now, let's go practise!!!
  • Ehem! This is the RT Cup Soccer Association. Inamo's ace striker seems to have a flat, and the team needs some help.
  • Inamo: Arghh, I thought I could finally play a game, and...I know! You! If it's okay with you... Will you help our team?
  • (after the protagonist's victory) Winners! You're great! Congratulations!



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