Princess Nanaha
City Fuji City
Gender Female
Car Orange/White Toyota WiLL Vi
Recruitable Yes

Princess Nanaha is a two-toned white-orange Choro-Q that lives in the Fuji City Castle. She is the daughter of the King, and although the King also lives in the castle, Princess Nanaha lives in a separate room.

Stamp 11 is obtained by receiving a Gold Ornament from her. She says that because of the small confined space she is in, she has no friends. She will ask if you will be her friend, if you say yes, you will recieve the Gold Ornament from her and Stamp 11.


  • "Hey! You must be about the same age as me! Everyone in this castle is so old and boring. How about this? Will you be my friend?"
  • (After the protagonist agrees to befriend her) "You're so honest. I like that. I'll give you my ornament. Come and see me often."
  • (After the protagonist disagrees to befriend her) "What?! You're so cold! I'm begging you! Oh well. Come back if you're in the mood."
  • (Before in the player's team)"Oh, it's you. You know what? I secretly take part in races too. Did you know? It's getting really boring. Maybe I need a team. That's what I thought. So, I want to ask you. I feel bad for your teammate, but will you let me join your team?"
  • (After in the player's team"Oh, it's you. How nice of you to come and see me, even though we see each other in our races. Glad to see you too. Being part of a team is nice. Can't wait for the next race!"
  • (After the protagonist disagrees to let her join the team) "Awww, you never let me have what I want... Fine, then." Tell me if you change your mind.
  • (After the protagonist agrees to let her join the team) "It's a good thing I asked you! I won't be bored anymore! Thank you. I'll work harder than your old teammate."
  • "See you later!"


  • She is mentioned in question 2 of Duck's quiz, which asks what her name is.
  • She is one of the cars that appear in every race, but if you have a team member that doesn't normally appear on the track you're in, she won't appear in the race.


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