City Brachy
Gender Male
Car Grey 1958 Cadillac DeVille

Puntek is the banker of Brachy and runs it local bank. He sells Lottery Tickets for residents to purchase in order to gain some G reward during their drawing. Purchasing a Lottery Ticket requires the protagonist to have already recieved their ID. The protagonist can complete the events "Lottery tickets on sale", "Caught the robbers", "Donated to the hospital", and "Donated for maintenance" by interacting with Puntek.

During nighttime, an event may occur driving close to the bank. This event involves a robber busting through the bank's windows and on the run, where Puntek asks for the protagonist's help. The protagonist must then chase down the robber, whereby Radnize will appropriately take the robber into custody. If the protagonist failed to catch the robber, he will reveal only empty bags were being stolen but everything is fine.

Quotes Edit

  • "Welcome to Brachy Trust Bank. How may I help you today?"
  • "Welcome! Come here to talk about money!"
  • "This is the Brachy bank. Welcome, welcome. We are selling lottery tickets now. Would you like one? Oh, but I need your 'ID' to sell it. I need to check your identity.  You do have an "ID" today. Feel free to buy them."
  • (The protagonist selects "Buy Lottery Ticket") "Welcome! The drawing will be announced next month!"
  • "Thank you very much. Wait till next month!"
  • "Thank you very much. We look forward to your next visit."
  • (After the protagonist selected "Check tickets" without tickets) Hey, you got no lottery tickets! Don't joke around.
  • (When nicked his money and evaded) "Bank robbery! Send us some help!"
  • (If the protagonist doesn't answer or answer not really) "It's not polite to show such an attitude! So, hurry up!"
  • (If the protagonist doesn't catch the robber) "Ahhh... Too bad. They're gone. But don't worry about it. They've only stolen empty bags. They might come back next December... Please catch them next time!"


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