The Q's Factory is a service station found in every city in Choro-Q HG 2, and Choro-Q Wonderful!. Via a Q's Factory, you can: enter races, change parts, save game, enter World Grand Prix, or exit the game. Q's factories in different places look different depending on the architecture of the place it belongs to.

Features Edit

Change Parts Edit

Once you acquire parts, they will not be automatically wielded. Therefore, you must visit a Q's Factory. Here you can both modify your own parts selection, or your teammate(s).

Race Edit

Q's Factories are the only official places to enter races. The races that can be entered depend on where the Q's Factory is. For example, if it was in Mushroom Road, it won't be able to host a Peach Raceway race.

World Grand Prix Edit

You can only enter a World Grand Prix race via a Q's Factory. After finishing a race, the owner of each Q's Factory will give you directions to the next race, or even take you there all along.

Save Data Edit

You can only save data in a Q's Factory. Quitting the game without going to a Q's Factory, will result in loading the game to the previous saved data.

Exit Game Edit

Q's Factories are also the only places you can exit game safely and officially.

Trivia Edit


Q's Factory's logo

*There are no Q's Factories in Choro-Q HG 3 and most of its functions are now accessible via the player's garage, therefore it can be assumed that the Choro-Qs ability to change parts themselves in turn led to the factories closing down as less and less Choro-Qs depended on them to change parts. The cities featured in Choro-Q HG 2 most likely did not have any factories by the time of the events of HG 3.