RT Shop (Noise City)
RT Shop Noise City
City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Dark Blue/Tan Toyota Dyna Dustbin Lorry

The Noise City RT shopkeeper sells great parts that is used on snow, rain, dirt, tarmacs and water.

When you visit him for the first time in Noise City he will give you a RT Shop Catalog which allows you to mail order shop from your garage without any extra payments.


  • "Hello and welcome. It must be your first time here at this store. In order to win races, you need good parts. Even if your skills aren't toned, good parts will really help. Uh...yeah... Oh yes, we also take orders by phone. Here is our phone order catalogue. You can purchase items in your garage without having to come to the store. Isn't that handy? However, if you would like to sell any parts you do not need, please come to the closest RT Shop. Well now, what would you like to do today?"
  • "We have a lot of good parts. Please select what you would like to purchase."
  • "Is there anything else you would like to do?"
  • "Please come again."