Rainy Mansion is a haunted-house themed racecourse.

Courses Edit

  • In the Short Course you will work your way inside the mansion itself.
  • In the Middle Course an entrance to the mines are opened up, which offer shortcuts for users of the Jumping Heli.
  • In the Long Course, at the end of the mines, you'll go through a graveyard. The roads will be all slippery, so use tires with sufficient grip on wet surfaces, such as the HG Splash Tyres.

Strategy Edit

  • There are a lot of sharp bends within the race; when taking corners, make sure you take them slow and corner sharply to prevent crashing into walls.
  • There are plenty of pseudo-shortcuts in the Large Course you can take by cutting through the graveyards.
  • In every course, there is a room with broken floorboards. Do not fall down the gaps as you will end up losing time taking the long way out. To avoid falling, it is recommended to jump across the gap with the Jumping Heli.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only race where the Short Course is 2 laps long.
  • The Dry Drag Race is based off this course's exterior.


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