Rally Centre
Rally Centre
City My City
Gender Male
Car White/Red/Blue WRC Ford Focus
Recruitable No
Mr. Rally

The Rally Centre is available once you've visited all cities. It allows you to start the Q's Rally challenge which takes you to Q's Factories across the world. After you've completed the Rally, he gives you the Locomotive body.


  • "Welcome to the Rally Centre. Here, you can register for the Q's Rally. Do you need information about the rally?"
  • (if the protagonist says "Yes") "Drive to the Q's Factory in each checkpoint city. The rally will start here. You are allowed to enter only the Q's Factory in the checkpoint cities. During the rally, you can change parts at the Q's Factory, but you cannot save the data. Also, racing is not allowed. If you wish to retire during the rally, warp from the Pause menu. This means that you cannot use warp for the rally. Drive fast! The rally starts right after this. If you're not ready, return to the Q's Factory, and come back later."
  • (if the protagonist is prepared) "The rally will start. The 1st checkpoint is Sandpolis. Good luck."
  • (after the protagonist accomplishes the rally) Good job! The total time to the goal is {your time}. The best time is {your best time}. The prize for completing your first rally is a body that looks like a train, which used to run the rally track a long time ago. Come again."



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