City Brachy
Gender Male
Car Yellow Nissan Terrano II

Renkol is Radnize's father-in-law. (In Japanese version,he is known as Radnize's husband.) He gives you Radnize's report that she left. After that, he gives you 7000G.

Quotes Edit

  • "My daughter is out. I am a housewife. Well, actually a househusband."
  • "Well, how do you do? Good timing. My daughter-in-law forgot something. It's an important thing. Would you mind delivering it to her?"
  • (If the protagonist does mind) "You're not so kind. See you."
  • (If the protagonist does not mind) "Well here. Good luck."
  • (If the protagonist still has not delivered Radnize's Police ID) "You haven't delivered yet. By the way, my daughter-in-law is police officer Radnize. It's very important. So deliver it as soon as possible."


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