City Grunge Garden
Gender Male
Car White 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM

Retsiem is a mysterious old man driving around the lake, he speaks incoherent things and is considered a weird person by the relatives. He actually talked about his life as a child; after hearing about his story he gives you a special body and he knows how good life as a child really is.


  • Hello, hello. You're quite young and energetic. (giggling) ??? You ask what I'm doing here? Just kind of wanted to come here. I move to places on a whim. It's quite a nice place.
  • Hello again. Would you like to hear stories about my youth? Yes, yes. Okay. Let's see, where do I start. When I was around your age this world was a very dangerous place. A lot of violent people wandering about. There was no one that could stand up to them. If you raced against one and lost, they would take all your money and belongings. A father of a young boy was also challenged...and lost... The boy and the father were thrown out of their home, and they had nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep. The boy was so bothered that he tried hard to get his house back. And in order to do that, he practised hard. To not make his parents worry about him, he did it in secret. Soon, he became very confident in his racing abilities, and challenged his friends. Just as he had thought, there was no one who could touch him. ... Soon after, he challenged the bad guys. Everyone said it was impossible for a child to win. The bad guys never really took him seriously, but he was so fast that no one could even see him. After beating all the bad guys, the people began calling the boy by a historic name! And now my story comes to an end. Thank you for listening to such a long story. Yes? Am I that little boy, you ask? (giggling) I wonder?


  • The true meaning of Retsiem's name is...Meister.
R - E - T - S - I - E - M → M - E - I - S - T - E - R


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