Rinme wondered if there was a radio station in Echo Forest but doesn't know if there is one. She gives you the CD because she thought it was on Peach FM. She said she's from Peach Town.


  • "There's this song I really like. Would you like to hear it? It's often on the radio. I think it's on Peach FM... You can't pick up the frequency around here..."
  • "There's no radio out here, is there? I want to go back to Peach Town."


  • Rinme seems to be a fangirl of Peach FM but the CD she gave you is a soundtrack that played on E-Radio not Peach FM.
  • In Choro-Q HG 2, there is a car named Laz, who lives west of Peach Town by the windmills, who drives a brown Suzuki Wagon R. Maybe Rinme is Laz with a different paint job?