Type City
Location Proton Kingdom
Notable inhabitants 13
  • Q-Train
  • Q Archduke statue
  • Clock Tower
  • A view of Rivageders
Rivageders is a town in Quewar at the south of the continent in the Proton Kingdom, known for its inhabitants and prominent landmarks. It is the first town that the protagonist appears in.


The Protons retreated from the Q-Steins to the town trying to stop them from destroying it. Colonel Hoffman annihilates the clock tower as an insult. The Protons finally had hope in destroying their enemies as they retreated from their defeat.


  • Clock Tower: It was blown up by Col. Hoffman, later it was rebuilt.
  • Q Archduke Statue: The sculpture of Q Archduke, the Founder of the Proton Kingdom.
  • Q-Train: An electric traction tram cable car that travels back and forth throughout the town.


  • The Q-Train is based on the Type E2 tram cable car, which were built between the period of 1978–1990, for use on the Vienna tram network. They are still in use to this day, and are the most commonly seen tram class on the lines.


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