City My City
Gender Male
Car Yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII
Recruitable No

Roberts (Japanese: ロバーツ Roberts) is a Lancer Evo VII GSR originally from Sandpolis and he decided to put the Tower there but he cannot because he said it is such a low city, Roberts is a City fan and you tell him to put the Tower in My City. Like Tony's building, Roberts' Tower is the biggest building along with the others.


  • (about the heights of Sandpolis) "Too low! Way too low! Why are there such low buildings everywhere?! I want to climb a tall building! There's nothing like that here! I've made up my mind. I'm going to build the world's tallest tower. Is there a place where such a tower would be appreciated?"
  • (after the protagonist told him about My City) "Hmmm...My City? Sounds great! Thanks! I'll go and have a look!"
  • "Ahhh... My City! I'll build a brilliant tower!"
  • "It's tall! Very tall! Hey! Because of you I was able to build this wonderful tower. Thank you very much! Take a look now! Do you want to climb the tower?"
  • (after the protagonist choses to climb the tower) "It's tall! Hehehe! Enjoy!"