Rock Climbing Entrance
Rock Climbing Entramce
City Sandpolis
Gender Male
Car Brown/Tan Dodge Neon
Recruitable No

The Rock Climbing Entrance, despite his name, is actually a car who lives in Chestnut Canyon that greets you when taking up the challenge of Rock Climbing. He tells you about the man named Mason, who lives at the top of the canyon.


  • "Hello, this is an entrance to Rock Climbing, which leads to Mr. Mason's cabin. The mountain is very rough, so you need to find an easier route, or you will fall. Do Rock Climbing?"
  • "Do you want to challenge if you can get to Mr. Mason's cabin in 2 minutes? I think you can do it."
  • "You came to see Mr. Mason? It's very steep, so be careful."
  • (after you chose to do Rock Climbing) "Please be careful."
  • (after you retired) "You are retiring. Do Rock Climbing again?"
  • (after you chose to leave) "You are stopping. OK."


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