City Papaya Island
Gender Male
Car Green/Yellow Toyota Estima
Recruitable Yes

Romba is an elder who literally lives in the Papu Tree. If you drive into it, you will enter the tree and start talking to Romba. If it is your first time there he will tell you the Papu Tree's story. The tree has been living for about 2000 years. You will also gain a stamp.


  • Good to see you, young one. What do you think about this awe-inspiring giant tree? This great tree is called the Papu Tree. When I'm under it I realise how small I am. The Papu Tree is the first resident of Papaya Island. It's 2000 years old! That's very, very old. Well, Young one, thank you for listening to an old man. I'm sure the Papu Tree is happy.
  • (before recruiting him) Oh, you came again! The Papu Tree tells me that you are always welcome here. By the way, I always wanted to team up with a young one like you. Will you let me join your team, replacing your current teammate?
  • (declining his request) Oh, I see... Well, I'll wait for you to ask me to join your team.
  • (accepting his request) Oh, I can join? Racing with you will make me feel younger. I'll try harder than your old teammate.
  • (whilst on your team) Oh, you came again! The Papu Tree tells me that you are always welcome here. Thank you for coming! Whenever you come here, you cheer me up. Look, the Papu Tree is smiling.
  • Oh, Papu Tree... I'm glad to have met this young one. It's all because of you, Papu Tree, that we meet such people. Let's hope they all come back!


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