City Brachy
Gender Male
Car White/Blue Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Garbage Truck

Rosemial is a resident of Brachy who can be found driving around. He gives general information about various race courses, and also provides geographical facts about the game's world.


  • "This world is made up of 5 islands, and the other islands only have race courses."
  • "Gapecotch is the only island that has towns. There are 3 towns on Gapecotch, but only the race courses were built on the other 4 islands."
  • "Gapecotch has 3 types of courses: High Speed Oval, Uptown Resort, and Sky Highway
  • "High Speed Oval on Gapecotch is a highway course. The speed in Long course exceeds 300. Exciting."
  • "Uptown Resort on Gapecotch is a technical, winding road. The hill around the water-fall in Long is the hard part."
  • "Sky Highway on Gapecotch floats in the air using the latest technology. But some parts are under construction."
  • (After the protagonist wins the Grand Prix against Otto) "Your performance on any course is impressive! You certainly bring pride to Brachy town!"


  • He reveals that Gapecotch is the only island in the world to have towns, whereas the other four islands only have race courses built upon them.
  • By referring to the world being made up of the 5 islands in entirety, it would seem to be implied the game takes place in its own unique continuity, and has no relation to even the previous HG 2 and HG 3 universe.


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