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City White Mountain
Gender Male
Car White 1973 Nissan Skyline MkVI
Recruitable Yes

Ross is the first son of Keitel, he has a red living room.


  • (meeting him the first time) "Oh, I'm so bored. Even with all my wealth, I can't find anything to do on this snowy mountain. You're so lucky to be busy."
  • "What? How to open the safe? I have no clue. Dad thought up some kind of game. Well, you must be busy dealing with my dad."
  • "Oh, I'm so bored, even with all my wealth. Racing is boring too. What to do, what to do?"
  • (before recruiting him) "Racing is getting boring... Oh! Aren't you a racer too? I'm confident in my racing! Are you satisfied with your team members? Do you want to count me in?"
  • (declining his request) "'re not as smart as I thought."
  • (accepting his request) "All right! The decision's made! I'll make the team better."
  • (whilst on your team) "Cool! Team racing is so much more fun! You can count me in anytime!"
  • "I'm going to read now, so I'll see you later."


  • During conversations with any of Keitel's sons, you can see the portraits with numbers of fish meaning that there is a code linking to Keitel's safe. The number of red fish on Ross' portrait is 8.


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