City Brachy
Gender Male
Car Dark Green Lamborghini Countach

Rosspury witnesses UFOs every day and knows what's going on, he later tells you about his mysterious story about his garden.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hi, I'm Rosspury."
  • "Have you ever seen  an UFO? I witness one one day."
  • "I often see UFOs these days.  What's going on?"
  • "Oh my, there is a visitor. I hear some weird noise from my field. Can you listen to my story?"
  • (If the protagonist agrees to hear his story) "Thank you, thank you. Well... This happened last night. When I was in the bed... I heard some weird noises from the field. So I woke up and jumped out of the bed. I went and peeped into the field... I was petrified with terror! There were peas that looked just like me. Then these peas flew away into the sky... Then, I ran away. Can you believe such a strange story?"
  • (If the protagonist does not believe him) "I knew you wouldn't believe me. You make a fool out of me just because I'm from countrysides. Leave me alone!"
  • (If the protagonist believes him) "Really? Then I will let others know about it too."
  • "Hello. I don't see UFOs anymore. I don't understand."
  • "Hello, I was just wondering. Where did the other me go?"


  • If you select Yes when he asks that Do you believe my mystery story?, you can get the item, beans.
  • But if you select No, you can get nothing. But the event will happen instead, it is a very rare event.
  • After you selected No, An antenna is on his head, Rosspury(?). And if you are very lucky, you may be able to watch a very rare and secret event. It content is...the BGM will be strange, and the citizens' name plate will be strange
  • Example of Japanese version : ロスピュリのいえ(Rosupyuri no ie Rosspury's house)

                  → ひみつきち(Himitsu-kichi A secret base).

  • And, the pea-UFO appears near Rosspury's house, or you can display the explanation of the pea-UFO with the R1 button instead of displaying the Brachy Town map.
  • The information of these secret events from some Japanese players, but it information is not fake because the developers that made Choro-Q (or Choro-Q HG4) say on the official web site. They say that Choro-Q HG 4 has a very rare event in Japanese.


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