City Scratch Mountain
Gender Male
Car Grey/Pink Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

Ryum is a bassist in Scratch Mountain. He has a suitcase in his possession that he found lying around outside but doesn't know who it belongs to. After you have found the actual owner of the suitcase and returned it to them, and then inform Ryum of this, he will request to you if he can be in a band.


  • "Hey, first time meeting you. Hey, listen to this. I was taking a walk, and I found this! I wonder if someone forgot it. Probably, huh. I didn't want it to get stolen, so I picked it up. I'm such a nice guy. But I wonder who's this is. Hey, ask around for me too, okay?"
  • "Hey, have you already taken a look around Scratch Mountain? It's a pretty nice place, isn't it? But I wonder who's this is. Hey, ask around for me too, okay?"
  • (After you have discovered the actual suitcase owner) "Hmm? Did you find out who's this is? Okay, I'll let you hold on to this. I'm putting it on! It was a little too much for me to handle. Well, later! Tell the owner I said hi!"
  • "Hey! How've you been? Lately, I've been playing bass. Here, listen really quick. How is it? Isn't it pretty moody? It's really hard playing this kind of bass. Isn't there a band anywhere that's looking for a bass player?"
  • (After declining his band joining request) "Aw, you won't let me in a band? You're so stingy."


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