City Fuji City
Gender Male
Car Red 1965 Toyota 2000GT
Recruitable Yes

Sakuzo drives around the Castle, he knows something about the Treasure Hunting Maze and he tells the player not to tell everyone where it is.


  • "Hi, what's up? You don't seem to be doing well. Try harder!"
  • (before recruiting him) Hi, what's up? Keep this only between us. I'm a good racer. Will you let me join your team?
  • (declining his request) I see... Don't worry. It'll be our secret.
  • (accepting his request) Okay, you don't have to keep it between us. Nice to be on your team.
  • (whilst on your team) Hi, what's up? I'm doing really well! Let's do our best!
  • See you later.


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