City My City
Gender Female
Car Red 1986 Lancia Delta HF Integrale
Recruitable Yes

Sally is initially found driving around the area behind the main town area in White Mountain, between the ski jump ramp and the road that takes you to the Curling mini-game. She feels very cold and wants to move to a mid-temperature area. If you tell her about My City and its more neutral climate, she will then move and build a house there.


  • "Brrr... It's too cold. I'm getting numb, but I don't care for hot places either. I want to move to a place where it's neither cold or hot."
  • "I can't stand the cold anymore! If you do find a nice place, let me know at once, all right?"
  • (Before telling her about My City) "Do you know such a place? ..."
  • (After telling her about My City) "A city called My City? It's not cold or hot there? Thanks! I'll go there!"
  • "Oh, it's you! I'm Sally, from White Mountain! This city is not cold at all! I'm very happy now. Well, I don't have to shiver in the cold weather. I always wanted to ask you this. Can you bear hot and cold weather?"
  • (If the protagonist says "Yes") "Really?! That's awesome! You are wild! I'm not like that, so that's something! By the way, my friends visit me sometimes, but it's always nice to make new friends."
  • (If the protagonist says "No") "Oh, so you're just like me. I feel closer to you now."
  • (before recruiting her) You know what? I want to race in a team, but I can't find good teammates... Will you let me join your team?
  • (declining her request) Oh, too bad. I wanted to help you with my fast driving...
  • (accepting her request) Gosh! Thank you! I'm faster than your old teammate, since I'm in a warm place now.
  • (whilst on your team) By the way, my friends from White Mountain visit me sometimes. I'm glad!
  • Come and see me again!