Type Las Vegas
Location South-East
Notable inhabitants 29

Sandpolis (knoboard in the Japanese version) is a large city in the South-East of the Choro-Q HG 2 World. It's the third largest region, in terms of area, however, population-wise it is one of the largest, along with My City. It is a classic Vegas-styled city, with mini-games such as Roulette and Football/Soccer . The skyline is primarily dominated by three skyscrapers, however other notable buildings include the Soccer Registration, and the golden Roulette Registration. Sandpolis has the most residents wanting to move.


Sandpolis was built on a desert (per Las-Vegas) and is home to many fruitful activities. Located in the outskirts are Aztec pyramids, and also a small themed in a Wild-West style. Sandpolis represents mostly North America, with its Las Vegas like theme and Mexican tones, but Mr. King's compound hosts an Egyptian style.

Sandpolis is a vast city, with skyscrapers and buildings in its centre and other gatherings nearby it. A road runs through its centre (from the west to the east), sometimes named "Main Street", and also running through the centre is the Fuji/Sandpolis Highway flyover (from north to south). It is located in a Desert, much like the Nevada Desert, along with the highway.


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