City My City
Gender Female
Car Red Nissan Skyline R30 Silhouette Race car
Recruitable Yes
Saucy (known in Japan as ソーシー Sōshī) is a red Skyline R30 racecar driving around Chestnut Canyon. She wanted to build a park but there is no space for it. Then the player tells her about My City. She then builds her park in My City, where she happily watches the children play. Like Cobran, Saucy drives around her own park. Saucy asks you if you like her park and you get two options of conversation. Nothing happens to you no matter which one you pick.


  • "I've always longed for a city with a park since I was little. We don't have a park in Chestnut Canyon, so now that I've grown up, I'm thinking of making one."
  • "Tell me if you find any city that needs a park. I'll go there!"
  • (before telling her about My City) "Do you know of any city that needs a park?"
  • (after telling her about My City) "A place called My City. Gosh! A new city? Thank you. I'll go there!"
  • (after you told her about My City) "Thank you, I'll try going to My City!" {insert greeting}. {insert greeting} I'll go there!"
  • "Hello, we meet again. Seeing the children playing in the park moved me to tears. I'm very happy to have built a park. What do you think about my park?"
  • (if you say her park is "Very nice") "Gosh, thank you! Your compliment motivates me to do more! Thank you! See you later!"
  • (before recruiting her) "I need to ask you, will you let me join your team?"
  • (declining her request) "I see. Well, not that many dreams come true, usually. But if you change your mind, come and talk to me."
  • (accepting her request) "Thank you. I'll try hard instead of your old teammate. Now my second dream has come true. A dream to be on a team with you."
  • (whilst on your team) "Oh, there are so many things happening. Is it OK to be this happy? Let's do our best in the next race!"
  • "See you later!"


  • Saucy is known in Japan as ソーシー (Sōshī) both in Choro-Q HG 2 and Choro-Q HG 3. And ソーシー (Sōshī) is an anagram for a word, "シーソー" (Shīsō), which means "teeter-totter" or "seesaw".
  • Saucy and Cobran are both racecars and they both build parks.
  • Saucy returns to Choro-Q HG 3 as Sosy in the World Grand Prix.


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