Sebastian (Japanese: セバスチャン Sebasuchan) lives in the main town of Sandpolis, he knows about the racer called Natsuo, stating that he cannot beat him on the highway race. He thinks you would be a competitive match against Natsuo that may be able to likely beat him.


  • "Oh, welcome. Are you aware of a clover shaped junction to the east of Sandpolis? Someone there likes to challenge people. Just recently, I used to challenge him, but I couldn't beat him. Ha, ha, ha! But someone like you would be a good match. Where is it? It's located at the very first entrance to the highway. Yes, near Fuji City. There, you can ask a person named Natsuo about it. Good luck!"
  • (Before recruiting him) "Oh, welcome. Well, I dabble a little bit with racing. I think I'm pretty good. Well, if you'd like, you could add me to the team."
  • (Declining his request) "Ha, ha, ha! Too bad! Call on me whenever you want. I would never hesitate to help you."
  • (Accepting his request) "Thank you very much. You won't regret replacing your old teammate."
  • (whilst on theteam) "Thank you, thank you. Let's enjoy the next race."
  • "Well, see you again!"