City Cloud Hill
Gender Male
Car Black Nissan President
Recruitable No

The Secretary runs the entrance of President Forest's Mansion. He finally lets you in to visit the president.

Quotes Edit

  • (seeing him for the first time) "Hello, hello. How amazing you made it so far! I'm President Forest's secretary. The only one who can challenge Mr.Forest is the one who has the World Grand Prix trophy. You will race against each other at the raceway in My City! It sounds simple, but don't be fooled. You'll see what I mean when we get there."
  • (before visiting President Forest) "Do you want to challenge Mr. Forest?"
  • (about to visit President Forest) "This way..."
  • (if you say "I want to wait") "You're not ready yet? Take your time. We'll be waiting."
  • "Hello, hello. Good to see you again. I'm sure President Forest will be glad to see you."
  • (giving the player his body after they became president) You are going out in disguise? You have to go? Heed my advice! You're the President, so please don't work too hard out there!! Hide in this body just in case something happens. Have a nice day!
  • Welcome back, Mr. President. Heed my advice! You're the President, you shouldn't work so hard outside! Have a nice day!


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