Security Robot
Orange Bot
City Goltica Chocolate Factory
Gender None
Car Robot

The Security Robots are orange tin-made robots, which appear to operate on a clockwork system, and have eyes which act as far-reaching detection lights. They appear twice in the game, as security workers for Goltica in his Goltica Chocolate Factory.

Their first appearance is in the Chocolate Factory Game event, where they are running rampant due to their programming becoming corrupt. When you are within close proximity of their detection range, they will target and aggressively charges towards you, resulting in spinning you out. Once you have reset the factory's operations by pressing the main button on the power box, the robots return back to their normal state of factory security patrol.

Their second appearance is in the Chocolate Factory Searching Game event, where they can now be seen calmly patrolling the factory. Interestingly, despite the fact you returned the factory to its normal state previously, they still have the ability to detect and charge at you.


  • They are possibly based on vintage Japanese tin toy robots, which operate on clockwork mechanisms, and even have a key-like rotating part on each side of their head area.


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