Sergeant Matthews
Sergeant Matthews
Faction Q-Stein Empire
Gender Male
Military vehicle Original (attack helicopter)
Military rank Sergeant

Sergeant Matthews (originally known in Japan as ラクレイス軍曹 (Rakureisu Gunsō Sergeant Rakureisu)) is an antagonist character and a main boss in Shin-Combat Choro-Q. He is a Q-Stein attack helicopter leader seen only in "Blitz at Naldnick". He summons a guard carrier as bait to lure the player into an ambush in order to destroy him.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Blast Drums: A variation of the Roll Drum weapon with larger projectiles that have a chance of exploding on contact with the player. Some shots will comically flatten the player.
  • Gatling Guns: These rapid-fire weapons are used to shoot at the protagonist causing minimal damage.
  • Homing Missiles: Self-explanatory.


  • (The protagonist falls for his bait) "So you must be the Proton ace tank. The guard carrier is just to lure you!! Ha! You'll soon be no more..."


  • Sergeant Matthews is originally known in Japan as ラクレイス軍曹 (Rakureisu Gunsō Sergeant Rakureisu), and if there was an official English tanslation, it might be spelled such as "Laklace", "Lakrace", "Raklace", "Rakrace", "Laclace", "Raclace" and so on.
  • The character is named after Vince Matthews, the Director of Marketing for Conspiracy Entertainment.
  • His design appears to be based on several modern military helicopters, such as the Mil M-35M "Hind-E" from Russia.


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