Shinsaku is a recruitable car found in Fuji City. He is one of the many overconfident cars who think that they will win every race if they pair with you. A key point in his dialogue transcript is that at the end, when you respond to the teammate request, he says that his wife is calling him. This may indicate he is a busy character. Despite that, his 'wife' is never seen or identified in the game.


  • "I don't see you around here. My name is Shinsaku. Go easy on me. My wife is calling me. Excuse me."
  • (Before recruiting him) "I'm proud of my driving. I want to make use of my skills on a team. Will you let me join your team?"
  • (Declining his request) "If I were on your team we'd be in first place definitely!"
  • (Accepting his request) "OK, look hard at my good driving technique. Your old teammates couldn't do this!"
  • (Whilst on the team) "Oh, it's you. Let's try our best!"
  • "Oh... um... My wife is calling me. Excuse me."