City Fuji City
Gender Male
Car Silver/Yellow Toyota Supra RZ (JZA80)
Recruitable Yes

Shinsaku is a recruitable car found in Fuji City. He is one of the many over confident cars who think they will win every race if they pair with you. A key point in his chat transcript is at the end, when you respond to the team-mate request, he says his wife is calling him. This may indicate he is a busy character. Despite that, his 'wife' is never seen or identified in the game.


  • "I don't see you around here. My name is Shinsaku. Go easy on me. My wife is calling me. Excuse me."
  • (before recruiting him) I'm proud of my driving. I want to make use of my skills on a team. Will you let me join your team?
  • (declining his request) If I were on your team we'd be in first place definitely!
  • (accepting his request) OK, look hard at my good driving technique. Your old teammates couldn't do this!
  • (whilst on your team) Oh, it's you. Let's try our best!
  • Oh... um... My wife is calling me. Excuse me.