City Brachy
Gender Male
Car Green 1999 Peugeot 206 WRC

Sigmund is the son of Torche, who only appears in the school play held at the Mistenka Civic Center in Brachy Town. He plays the role of the one Choro-Q in the land who is strong enough to pull the sword from the great tree. As his father is unable to attend the play himself, you agree to do so for him, and afterwards inform that he performed as a great hero.


  • "Wait!"
  • "Let me try."
  • "Let's see,"
  • "Huh!"


  • The school play is loosely based on the Arthurian legend of the sword, Excalibur, which is to be pulled from the stone. The stories about this sword have unique variations across the regions of Cornwall and Wales, and even in Nordic mythology.
    • The events depicted are most strongly based on the Nordic version of the legend, as featured in the Volsunga saga, which tells the story of the legendary hero Sigmund, son of Volsung, who pulls the sword, Gram, out of the tree, Barnstokkr, where it is embedded by the god Odin.
    • Sigmund is the legendary hero to pull the sword from the tree, and is the youngest son of Volsung. During the saga, Volsung and Sigmund attend a wedding feast held for the latter's sister, Signy, who marries the king of Gautland, Siggeir. The feast lasts for some time before and after the marriage. During this event, the god Odin disguises himself as a beggar and plunges the sword, Gram, into the living tree, Barnstokkr. He announces that, whoever is able to remove the Gram, will receive it as a gift (this is referenced when Odin, the narrator of the game's play, says "from the gods"), and only Sigmund is the one man strong enough in the land to free the sword from the tree.
  • It is proven on the official Choro-Q HG 4 website that the school play is held at the Mistenka Civic Center. This is clearly displayed on each relevant school play character's page via a flashing location blip. It is never actually stated or shown in the game itself where the play is held.


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