City Cloud Hill
Gender Male
Car Purple/White Lotus Elise (MIII)
Recruitable No

Smiley (Japanese: スマイリー Smiley) is the host of the Rainbow Jump mini-game. He gives you the Rainbow Meter once the minigame is won.


  • "Hello! You can play Rainbow Jump here! This is a very exciting game. I came up with this! It's a game where you jump to an island using the rainbow rings. Do you want to try?"
  • (if 'the protagonist says "Yes") "Then let's jump!"
  • (after 'the protagonist falls off) "Oops... You fell out. Do you want to try again?"
  • (after 'the protagonist reaches the floating island) "Excellent!! I've never seen jumps so perfect! I'll give you a prize! I hope you like it. I want to see you jump again, so come back!"


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