Snow Palace Mountain is a difficult snowy racecourse with forests, frosty lakes and a vast palace.

It is recommended to use tyres specialized for Snow, for example: The Big Tyres, Caterpillar, Hovercraft or Air Floater.

In the Short Course, you will simply circle a snowy valley; there is a minor shortcut that can be taken by wheelie-ing and jumping.

In the Medium Course, you will circle around a cave and forest. There is a shortcut that can benefit Jumping Heli users. Before you reach the end, there is an area where massive snowballs will rain from above. If you are hit from above, you will slow down; to avoid this, equip the Parasol.

In the Long Course, you will make your way into the palace, which contains falling stalactites, shattering on impact. Being hit by these stalactites will not harm you, but they act as an obstacle. After that, you will end up in an area with frozen lakes; you have the option to drive around it or swim through it.

Trivia Edit

  • The Medium Course takes place in a different area than the Short Course, but elements re-appear in the Long Course.


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