City Brachy
Gender Male
Car Aqua Volkswagen New Beetle (Typ 9C)

Sobka is the head teacher of the Sobka Elementary School, located in Brachy. He also fulfills the role of night watch duty, and does not enjoy being alone in the school at this time, as he thinks it is dark and scary.

If he is not busy teaching, he may tell you he has found a Slot Car model (unidentified series type), which had been long forgotten in a locker for the past 3 years, once belonging to Rosspury. He will ask if you can return the slot car back to him, and if you agree to do so, he will be highly grateful. Once you have given the slot car to Rosspury, and then return to Sobka, he will reward you with 5000G as a thank you.


  • "What do you need during class? I'm busy, so please leave."
  • "All of the students went home. Being a teacher is a lot of work."
  • "An empty school is scary. I'm on night duty, so I can't go home."
  • (When the random slot car return favour event occurs) "I'm teaching a class right now. Hey! Are you Rosspury's agent!?"
Protagonist: "No, I'm not."
"I've been thinking of giving back this slot car for a while. But I had to take care of this and that...3 years has passed by already."
Protagonist: "That's a pretty long time."
"When I was working yesterday, I found it in the locker. It doesn't have a scratch. So, can you return this to Rosspury?"
  • (If the protagonist agree to return the slot car to Rosspury for him) "Good, good. You are a very reasonable kid. I'll reward you for returning this to him. Good luck!"
  • "Did you deliver it? You haven't gone yet? Come on!!"


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