City Scratch Mountain
Gender Female
Car Pink/Purple Mazda 767

Solphino is the pianist bartender of Piano Bar in Scratch Mountain. She can't sing well because she's got a sore throat and it is still not getting better. When you gave her the future medicine, she feels better and can't stop singing, she makes a song for you when you complete the World Grand Prix.


  • (coughs) "I'm sorry. I'm the singer at this store, but my voice has gone away. (coughs) Isn't there some kind of remedy?"
  • (coughing) "I'm sorry. It hasn't gotten better yet. I'm so troubled. That...thing? Huh? The throat medicine from the future? Can you give it to me?"
  • (after the player gave her the Future Medicine) "Wow, thank you so much. Well, let's see if it works. Gulp. Gulp! Gulp! UGH! UUUGGGH! BWAAAH! AARRGG!??? AAaaaaaa... My's getting... LaLaLaLaLa!! LaLaLaLaLa!! Oh wow, it's getting better and better! Here, take this in return! Really? Thank you! Well, see ya!"
  • (after the player refused to give her the Future Medicine"I see. I guess it can't be helped. I wish it'd get better soon."
  • "Oh! My lovely! Meister! And the Grand Prix! Congratulations! My lovely! Huh? You overheard me? Practicing my song. How embarrassing! I heard that you won the Grand Prix, so I was making a song for you. But anyways. Congratulations!"


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