Special Bodies are bodies that are not based on original designs and are instead created by the developers themselves. 

Choro-Q HGEdit

Choro-Q HG 2Edit

Choro-Q HG 3Edit

Choro-Q HG 4Edit

In Choro-Q HG 4, there are a number of unique and wacky original bodies and they can be won in a variety of ways. The list includes the body number, name (if applicable), and method to win the body.

  • Choro-Q196 ("Kamitake Kamikaze", First in all races)
  • Choro-Q197 ("Iwata Origin", Barat's Grand Prix)
  • Choro-Q198 ("Black Shadow", May Extreme Cup Dungeon Heat L)
  • Choro-Q199 ("Moai Easter Island Head", October Extreme Cup Good Old American M)
  • Choro-Q200 ("Bare Choro-Q Chassis", February Tyre Race Seaside Paradise S)
  • Choro-Q201 ("Game of Life" Board Piece Token, March Wonder Cup Castle in the Dark L)
  • Choro-Q202 ("Panda/Tiger", June Wonder Cup Sky Highway M)
  • Choro-Q203 ("Cool at Restaurants", September Wonder Cup High Speed Oval L)
  • Choro-Q204 (Given to the player by Fotbar)


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