The Spirit Medium is a red and white Toyota Celica GT-Four. She lives in Fuji City and will give you six cards and they can give you good luck or bad luck, it doesn't matter which card you get, just pick one and you'll get your luck. If you pick a card that you don't want, you will get the option to pick again. She will send daily emails after seeing her once detailing your day's fortune. You can open your fortunes from your Garage. The sign above her house says omikuji in Japanese, fortunes that are written on strips of paper.


  • "Hello. This is the Fortune Telling Room. Draw a card?"
  • (When the protagonist agrees to choose their luck) "Okay! Take one!"
  • "Squeal! !!! It says...Little luck."
  • "Squeal! !!! It says...Bad luck."
  • "Oh? It's your first time. Please take this! OK. Come again."


  • The Spirit Medium is based on shrine maidens in Japanese shrines, who are called miko.
  • Fortune telling in Japanese shrines is called omikuji .
  • Someone called the Fortune-teller Sister sends you helpful e-mails which can bring you tips wherever it might be true, however, there is no relation between the Spirit Medium and the Fortune-teller Sister.
  • Some might say you will run out of fuel in an unexpected place, which could mean the Cave in White Mountain, the Grand Ocean, or somewhere like on a highway.