City Chestnut Canyon
Gender Male
Car White 1983 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)
Recruitable Yes

Steve (known in the Japanese version as スティーブ (Sutību)) is a recruitable Choro-Q that can be found driving around at the northern end of Chestnut Canyon. He gives you advice about parts, saying that you need to continue earning better ones in order to keep winning more races.


  • (before recruiting him) Well, you seem well equipped. But I won't give way to anyone. If we become teammates, I think we will become the fastest team. Will you let me join your team, instead of your current teammate?
  • (declining his request) Oh, I kindly asked you. Well that's OK. You must have a good reason.
  • (accepting his request) OK... let's aim for the top! Your old teammate is nothing!
  • (whilst on your team) Hey, you [for] got your teammate? You were about to ask me to join your team again, huh? You're so quick. Let's do our best in the race!
  • By the way, which parts shop do you go to? I go to the one in White Mountain. They have good stuff there. Try going there. Well then.


  • Steve is a highly occupied character that also gives you advice about parts in Choro-Q HG 2, which resembles personality facets of Takumi Fujiwara, the main character from the highly popular anime and manga series Initial D. Furthermore, Steve is a white Sprinter Trueno (AE86), which is the same iconic vehicle driven by Takumi Fujiwara for a majority of Initial D's history.


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