Sylvester (known in Japan as シルベスター (Shirubesutā)) is a green Nissan Primera that can be seen driving around My City when Dayan builds the Which-Way? Mini-game. He shows up in all the standard races, except when you have two teammates that do not normally race on a particular track.


  • "Hey! What's up!? This place is new and fun! You know what? There is a special game here. Do you know Which-way? Race? It's like a maze, but it actually isn't a maze. I think I'm addicted to it!"
  • (Before recruiting him) "By the way... I'm new here, so I don't have a teammate. I'm a good racer. Will you let me join your team, instead of your current teammate?"
  • (Declining his teammate request) "Oh, I'll give up this time. You seem very fast, so I wanted to join your team."
  • (Accepting his teammate request) "Gosh! Thanks! It's worth asking. I'll do my best!"
  • (Whilst on the team) "I like the way you drive! You're fast, and have a good technique. I have to try harder!"
  • "See you!"