City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Yellow Daihatsu Naked

Tance is a lonely Daihatsu Naked living in his room, he wanted you to stay with him for a while so he can chat with you and see how you're getting along throughout the game.


  • "...First time we meet......well, nothing really.......why don't you stay a while? know Leman? ...well it doesn't matter...."


  • Car13
    In the Japanese version, he is known as タンセ (Tanse Tance), and actually, he first appeared in the World Grand Prix in Choro-Q HG 2. In the World Grand Prix in HG 2 of the Japanese version, his name is, of course, known as タンセ (Laurance), but for some reason or another, his name was changed in HG 2 of the North American/European/South Korean version.


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