City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Grey Lamborghini Diablo

Tantalom is the ambassador of the Dalniche Embassy. One of the embassy's primary roles is representing extraterritorial racing events, held on Dalniche Island. Eventually, after some in-game months, you will receive a letter from Tantalom, telling you that a survey is being held in relation to the race courses, and would like to know of your opinion. If you go and visit him at the embassy, he informs you that the Planet Jump Long course has been closed, due to serious attacks on racers caused by the Kalistans in their flying saucers. Tantalom wonders if he should re-open the course or not. If you tell him to re-open it, he will state that he'll do so in the next month. In a month's time, the course will now indeed be open for racing once again.


  • "This is Dalniche Embassy. And I'm Ambassador Tantalom. The general public can't enter without permission."
  • "How do you do. This is extra-territorial Dalniche Embassy. The general public can't enter without permission."
  • "Oh, wait! This is the extraterritorial Dalniche Embassy. The general public can't enter."
  • "How do you do? This is the extraterritorial Dalniche Embassy. You too want to race at Planet Jump?"
Protagonist: "What is that?"
"No no, I understand. The long course of Planet Jump is still closed. That place is very dangerous. It's because the Kalistans attack us in their flying saucer."
Protagonist: "I don't believe it!"
"You should face reality. If you get hit by its beam, it disables control. What do I do with so many requests? Should I open the course?"
  • (If the protagonist concur) "OK! I will open the course next month. But I won't be responsible for any accidents."
  • (If protagonist say "Let's not do it") "Well, it's dangerous. Maybe some other time."


  • The spelling of 'Tantalom' in the English translated versions is possibly incorrect, as his name is spelled as 'Tatalom' in the Japanese version.


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