Tin Raceway is a big track with a lot of obstacles. You and the other racers can fall off the raceway. It is the only race that can be started from Q's Factory in Cloud Hill. You have to beat the President to race at this track from Cloud Hill. If you attempt to play Tin Raceway from a Q's Factory without having first beat the president it will be under construction. In quick race mode you can race on this track without having first beat the president. You cannot play this race in 2 player mode. It is 3 laps long and there are no pit stops. There are a lot of different ways to go through the track.


  • Everyone has jets equipped and use them like you do and your teammates.
  • Any rival can fall off the course while the few try to stay alive.
  • Tin Raceway is the only race track in the game where, if you fall off, lose automatically


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