Toki is a reliable, trustworthy car found in Fuji City. Apparently, Toki hears things well with her "big ears". Ironically, being a car she doesn't have ears, and is one of the common jokes stated to make the game more relatable to real life.

After you rescue Otomi, Toki relies on you to be the eyes and ears of the city.


  • There's something suspicious going on at the shrine. Where's the shrine? It's to the north west of Fuji City! There's a switch on the money box in front of the shrine. Isn't it suspicious? Hehehe.
  • Oh, it's you. I've already heard with my big ears. You saved the daughter of the Dumpling Cake shop. If I get kidnapped, I'm counting on you. Hehehe...


  • Toki (時) means "time" in Japanese.