Tom (Japanese: トム Tomu) lives in Chestnut Canyon. Tom tells you about a living relic known as the Goddess, who lives in a pond on Mushroom Road.


  • "Hi! I'm Tom, nice to meet you.You've been travelling around, about the goddess of a pond... Do you know about it?"
  • (After the protagonist had said "I don't know") "Oh! You don't know about it? Well, it's nothing big. In a pond of Mushroom Road, there lives a beautiful goddess. You can hear a nice singing voice in the morning. I'm sorry to ask you this, but will you go get the wrench for me?"
  • "Hey! Say... You may have heard about the goddess of a pond..."
  • (After the protagonist had"I know!") "Oh, you know!!! Then I don't need to tell you. {insert greeting}.
  • Hey! Did something nice happen? Have a nice trip!
  • (Before recruiting him) Hey! You came at the right time! I need to ask you something. Will you let me join your team, replacing your current teammate?
  • (Declining his request) That's too bad. From the last time I met you, I felt we could get along well. Come and see me when you're in the mood.
  • (Accepting his request) Thank you. I'll try harder than your old teammate.From the first time I met you, I felt we could get along well. I was hoping to be on the same team.
  • (Whilst on the team) Hey! It's you. I think we hit it off very well. Why? Well, because you're about the only teammate I had who came to see me. I'm glad.
  • I wonder why there are so many mushrooms in Mushroom Road. Oh, I know... The goddess must like mushrooms. {insert greeting} I'm glad.


  • At the near end of the conversation, Tom asks you to get the wrench for him. This might probably refer to the one that is in the volcano's tall metal tower in Volcano Course, it could exactly belong to him. If you look in his shack, he has a saw, sledgehammer and a wooden tool box which could mean he is a carpenter.
  • Tom and Lowry were neighbors, as they were brothers. They also resemble Initial D's Takahashi brothers.