City Sandpolis
Gender Male
Car Olive BMW Z3 Roadster
Recruitable Yes

Tony is the owner of the small Tower shop, he gives you the tower and also he is recruitable.


  • "Hey! My name is Tony. I make Mini-Towers, but they're not selling. If you want, I'll give one to you. How about one?"
  • (after the protagonist agrees to have a Mini-Tower) "What?! You'll take it? Keep it safe with you! Bye bye! See you!"
  • (before recruiting him) Hey... I want to join a racing team. I know it's a huge favour to ask. Nothing against your teammate but, can I join your team?
  • (declining his request) Oh, okay... that's too bad. If you change your mind, let me know.
  • (accepting his request) Yeah! Thanks! We're teammates! You won't regret adding me!
  • (whilst on your team) Recently it's been nothing but fun. I can't wait for the next race!
  • Okay... See you!


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