• Trans-Trip Small
  • Trans-Trip Medium
  • Trans-Trip Long
Trans-Trip is a series of racecourses taking place inside a virtual computerized world, all surrounded by a network of giant computer system parts. Choro-Qs race across the top of circuit boards, through electronic tube systems and portals, all around a spiralling and vividly electric information superhighway.

Game Course Version DescriptionsEdit

  • S: Dangerous tubes catch your feet
  • M: Like a drag race course
  • S: (Super Long) A course in the computer world


  • Trans-Trip L is mislabelled as Trans-Trip S throughout all available instances in the game.
  • Trans-Trip S is where the terrible racing accident occurs involving Shutiege and Lini or Kaybert (dependent on the team you have joined), during the 3rd race of the Grand Prix with Otto.
  • The Pace Car makes its only in-game appearance on Trans-Trip S, during the Grand Prix with Otto, when the accident involving the racers occurs. They realistically guide the race grid safely around the course, and then drive back into the pit lane.
  • The Reporter from the QNN news network also makes an appearance during the same accident event, and gives an ongoing live report coverage of the incident.