City Cloud Hill
Gender Male
Car White Peugeot 406
Recruitable No

Travis (known in the Japanese version as トラヴィス Toravisu Travis) is a single lap racer in Cloud Hill. He is a white Peugeot 406. He claims that he is the fastest racer on Cloud Hill, which is basically true, not counting the President. He will challenge you a single-lap race around Cloud Hill. To beat him, you must either finish first or force him off the rainbow roads. Beating him is easiest with a Hyper MAX, but only a Jet Turbine is required.


  • "Yes, yes! I'm Travis. I don't mean to brag, but I'm the fastest racer! So, do you want to race against me in this city?"
  • "You will do it, right?"
  • (after the protagonist said "Yes, yes!") "Ok, I'm excited! Let's start!"
  • (after the protagonist won) "Oh no, how could I lose? I can't believe this! It's my first time. So, you are something! I'll give you this! Treasure it! I won't lose next time. We'll race again sometime."
  • "Hey, it's you again! Racing in the city is exciting!"
  • (after the protagonist said "No") "What? Are you scared? Come back when you're ready!"


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