Type Harbour
Location Quewar Proton Coastline
Notable inhabitants 6, or 9
Tughl is the harbour city which is known for its slopes and craftsmen, it was attacked suddenly by the Q-Steins.

Involvement Edit

There are no events in this town, except that the Q-Steins are patrolling the harbour which they have taken over and claimed as their own. They disappear after the protagonist finishes the first two missions, and there are also destroyed buildings around the area.

Landmarks Edit

  • Q-Stein Marine Harbour: A hideout where Q-Steins patrol its entrance, at the shore there are four Q-Stein ships and an abandoned Proton battleship.
  • Destroyed buildings: The Q-Steins bombed the buildings to terrorize the civilians.
  • Lookout Point: An area roamed by an elderly townsman, who once enjoyed the view but Q-Steins are now the only inhabitants he can see.
  • Cable Car: The cable car links from its station to the mountains.
  • Church Building: reverend wanders around there talking about the unnecessary war.


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