City Sandpolis
Gender Male
Car Silver Audi TT
Recruitable No

In Sandpolis on the North-west, there is something strange in the desert at night-time. If you go there you'll see a silver UFO with yellow lights on the bottom. All you have to do is go under the UFO and you'll be beamed up. You then talk to an alien who is a silver Audi TT speaks in a foreign language. He will ask you a question. If you pick the top option he gives you the interior pattern for a reward.

  • The UFO craft as it appears at night
  • The UFO craft flying away upwards after 6:30AM
  • The UFO craft at its highest point just as it disappears


  • (when you are about to make contact) ***! **!! **---**... *? *? *...? *, ***, ***?
  • (when you said "Yup!") *-% *- ! -***-----%%%%.
  • --, *-*-.
  • ! *... *...? *...? ***.


  • Despite other cars from the Choro-Q HG 2 world, like most aliens. The alien speaks in its own language
  • Richard (Light blue 50's Vintage Chrysler) tells you about it.
  • Some explorers are aware of this and always give you hints and information about it.
  • If you look in the alien's textbox, the text appears to be in computer symbols and also there are no translations on what it appears to be saying.
  • The UFO flies away after 6:30AM and disappears, perhaps because the Audi alien does not wish to be seen by other Choro-Q inhabitants in broad daylight.
  • If you click yes you get the UFO pattern


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