Ulanla, or UraSora is the fortune teller of Noise City. She is crazy and tells fortunes to you giving hints. She carries a heavy inspiration from Mystic Meg.

Quotes Edit

  • "Mythical!! Mythical!! Do you need your fortune told? Welcome to UraSora's domain... Humph!! You!! Your face!! You might end up becoming something really great. You are quite an interesting fellow. Humph!! Would you like your fortune read?"
  • "Hmph! Argh! Do you need your fortune read?! Welcome to UraSora's Domain! Do you need your fortune read?"
  • (When the protagonist refuses to have their fortune read) WHAT?! You're telling me NO!?! Alright then..."
  • (When the protagonist agrees to have their fortune read) Here we go!! GRRRRRRRR!!! ARGGGGGG!!! VROOOOOM!!!"
  • "Hmm... Wow!!!! Very good indeed... Something special might happen which will bring a smile to your face. The lucky place is a place where there is water. Something good should happen!"
  • (After telling a fortune) "Well, be careful..."

Trivia Edit