City Brachy
Gender Male
Car Magenta Toyota Vitz

Uriche knows the advantages on winning in Grand Prix races, he talks about endurance. He also seems to be a bit confused about choosing one of the two options when the protagonist bumped into him.

Quotes Edit

  • "Are you watching the GP? That race needs good tyre endurance. High performance tyres wear out faster."
  • "I heard there is a special crawler just for Choro-Q at the laboratory in Nyaky town."
  • "It's hard when you pick tyres. What if a course has both street and off-road? Hmm, what should I do?"
  • "It's hard when you buy parts. Buy one at a time? Or save  money and buy all at once? Hmm, what should I do?"
  • "It's hard to congratulate somebody. Do you say 'congratulations', or make a bunch of compliments? Hmm, what should I do?"


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