Hello. Welcome to my Choro-Q OC page. I am creating a stop-motion movie with my own Choro-Q's and this is a page for the characters I have made for this film. I hope you enjoy reading about them.



Tomy is a male, dark blue 2000 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon. He is a happy Choro-Q and not many things bother him too much. He loves racing, but gets quite competetive when he races, and also loves listening to music. Tomy thinks racing is very important as it is something that brings the Choro-Q of the world together as one. His best friends are Luto and Sakira and his long-time rival is Zeke. One day, Mayor Orsun discovers a portal that leads to interdimensional racetracks, and sends his assitant, Yotobi in with a camera. He finds that the racetracks change everyday and decides to hold a racing competition in them, and calls it the Q-Realms. Tomy and Zeke hear about the competition and willingly sign up to race. Tomy invites Luto and Sakira to race as well, and they join in too. Tomy races in the Q-Realms to win the cash prize that Mayor Orsun offers, but ends up fighting against the evil mastermind Vasano to keep the Choro-Q's will to race.


Luto is a male, black and white 1986 Toyota Corolla Levin 3-Door. He is young and cheeky and doesn't really know the consequences of his actions and thus he gets into trouble often, yet he is quite strong-willed. He is best friends with both Tomy and Zeke and is the younger brother of Sakira. Luto hears about the Q-Realms and joins with Sakira when he hears that Tomy and Zeke are entering. However, Luto has issues entering because he is under 18 which is the minumum age to be allowed to enter the Q-Realms, but he stands strong, as he wants to race, and a successful court case decides that he will be allowed to race.


Sakira is a female, bright blue 1972 Toyota Celica LB. She is a bit of a show-off and a not-so-secret admirer of Tomy. She is a very intelligent Choro-Q but still likes to race, especially if it means impressing Tomy. She is in love with Tomy and the older sister of Luto. Sakira hears about the Q-Realms through Luto, and she is disinterested in it at first, until she realises that Tomy is racing and then jumps at the chance to spend more time with him. Even though she sometimes becomes annoyed with her brother, she cares about him deeply and grows worried when he gets himself into trouble.


Zeke is a male, silver 1984 Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX. He is somewhat arrogant, yet calm and is a very confident racer. He is the younger brother of Kain (whom of which he dislikes) and good friends with Luto.He is also rivals with Tomy, and they both respect each other as great racers, and are not mean to each other. Zeke hears about the Q-Realms when he and Tomy get bored of ordinary racing and try to search for new kinds of races. He meets Mayor Orsun and he and Tomy sign up straight away. Zeke is a very passionate racer and he knows all the racing teams in town, such as Team Densetsu, a team that has his brother in it. Because he is passionate, he becomes angry when Vasano tries to take racing from the Choro-Q in the Q-Realms, and vows to stop him.


Kain is a male, silver 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-X. He is rude, proud and even more arrogant than his younger brother, Zeke. He is the leader of Team Densetsu, and his friends, Miken and Shoytan, are also part of his team. He has a strong rivalry with his brother and becomes agitated when his brother is better at something then he is. After he hears that Zeke raced in the first race in the Q-Realms, he didn't want to let his brother be better than him, so he signed up to beat Zeke. This made Zeke very angry, but he focused on racing Tomy instead. Kain eventually learnt his lesson by the end and disbands Team Densetsu, because he wanted to start over again with his brother.


Miken is a male, orange 1968 Lamborghini Miura. He is the youngest and fastest member of Team Densetsu, and loves playing pranks on others. Miken lived at an orphanage until he was 16, and then got removed from it because he was getting too old to live there for much longer. This was when Zeke and Shoytan found him trying backstreet races to earn money, and saw that he had talent, so they let him join the team. Miken now lives happily as a member of Team Densetsu, but he can get a little cocky when in company of his other team members. Miken becomes a bit shocked when Kain disbands Team Densetsu at the end of the Q-Realms, but he understood the reasons why, and eventually got his own home afterwards.


Shoytan is a male, white 1967 Mazda Cosmo. He is very quiet and sharp-witted when calm, but tends to become extremely violent when something angers him. Not much is known about Shoytan, as he tends to not show most of his inside emotions, but it is known that he was a good friend of Kain even before Team Densetsu was founded. At the end of the Q-Realms, when Kain disbands Team Densetsu, Shoytan becomes incredibly angry and disappears shortly afterwards without any trace.


Risan is a male, bright blue 1973 Lancia Stratos. He is very romantic and flirty, and is deeply in love with his wife Hinoka.





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