Uzumasa is an actor who resides in Fuji City. If you give him the Japanese relief from Wilde of Chestnut Canyon, he will give you his autograph.

To get the Japanese relief from Wilde, you must get a Hero Trading Card off of Fight in Peach Town. From there, give it to Barton of Sandpolis, who will then give you a doll which you give to Wilde, who will then give you the Japanese relief.

Uzamuza's Autograph must be obtained before Stamp 80, because Shirley of White Mountain will not move to Papaya Island until she receives it. It is also vital to Stamp 7.


  • "Hahaha! I'm Uzumasa! Hahahahahahaha! I'm an actor. I have a concern. I want to use a God's Rod in a drama, but I can't find a good one. Tell me if you know of any nice "God's Rod"!"
  • "Hey! How are you? Oh! You have a nice God's Rod! Can I have it?"
  • (after the protagonist had said "OK") "Thank you so much. Haha! I'll give you my autograph in turn! I usually don't do this. Hahahahahahaha! Gosh! That was a big help!"